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5 tips to help increase sales in your pub
5 helpful ideas that may help you increase sales from,
the Irish hospitality marketing experts specialising in all areas of Digital, Creative and Branding for Irish Pubs and Bars.

Focus on Your Audience
Hospitality is a service industry, but owners and managers often mistakenly target people who are out of their markets.

Irish bars survive on returning customers, so your promotions must appeal to your core customers and newcomers who appreciate the kind of operation you're running.
Your neighbourhood bar probably won't appeal to multimillionaire entrepreneurs unless they're local eccentrics.

By the same token, local factory workers aren't likely to respond to upscale promotions that feature drinks made from pricey, top-shelf liquors and exotic ingredients.

Irish bars need to be seen to promote Irish drinks, even if the order at the bar is more conventional.

If you're targeting corporate crowds, your marketing strategy might focus on menu-driven promotions, social media-promoted meet-and-greets, theme nights, wine/beer tastings and games that attract a range of business customers including those who might not want to drink but want to network with friends and associates.

Define Your Goals
Once you define your goals, you're ready to assess marketing ideas based on whether they can accomplish the goals that you want to reach while remaining affordable and doable.
Giving customers a way to give back to the community
Introducing new drinks, foods or entertainment options.

Holding promotions with just a general sense of increasing business is a recipe for failure.

You need to set some measurable goals to make bar promotions worthwhile.
What do you want to achieve?

Creating buzz among the members of targeted groups — corporate types, hipsters, club kids, neighbourhood sports fans and other demographic targets.

Topping what your competitors are doing.
Getting people to arrive earlier and leave later.

Convincing people to spend more money on food or branded spirits

Celebrating occasions and milestones at your bar.

Fostering a lively, convivial atmosphere.

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Get Ideas from Customers

Your existing customers are your best resource when planning promotions, so ask your best customers for promotional ideas that they'd enjoy.

If you have a neighbourhood bar, your customers might enjoy a budget beer night or gaming tournament.

Depending on your customers, you might host a pool tournament, trivia contest or social media game, such as a scavenger hunt or treasure quest.

Try and add some "Irishness" to the design and content.

It's worth investing in some high-quality design – it can be used for many things either online or onsite within your Bar or Pub.
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