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5 ways to increase the average check of an alcohol store from USA
use the experience of leading bars

Bonus card is better than discount card
Working in our store, we found two answers:

By pumping regular buyers of beer can minimize losses

It is possible at the expense of them to attract new customers

You can go on a plus in the days in which the store operates below the breakeven point
Minimizing losses is possible, using the right stocks, can sell beer that has risen and is not sold.
This does not mean that you have to sell "kislyak" (if the beer has lost its taste, you have already lost it - do not lose your customers).

It is necessary to monitor the terms of the beer in your store (it's understandable that it's difficult to do this manually, that's why we are doing the program for a beer store).

If beer without a refrigerating chamber costs 4-5 days and sales are minimal, and even these days there were a weekend, there is a great chance that the beer will simply deteriorate and it will have to be poured.
Just for such cases, and effectively use the shares for regular customers. You, of course, know this. The action should be substantial, so that people take this beer.
If the discount, then it should be 20-30%, otherwise it will not be interesting to buyers (it is always worthwhile putting yourself in the place of the buyer).

Imagine that you are buying, for example, apples or milk, what will you be forced to buy? Great discount! Discount many ate, so it's worth trying 2 + 1. But remember, it's like everyone else. We had a huge effect "poltarashka at the price of a liter", and even steeper "Poltarashka for 120" (120 per liter).

The effect was so strong that the 30-liter keg flew away in the evening.
Advantages of the bonus card before the discount is that of all accumulated bonuses, no more than 70-75% is spent, while a discount is always granted.
With the losses started to work - it's already good (net profit has gone up, and we have not yet taken up increasing sales).

A good way to attract and retain a client is to develop a bonus accumulation system. In order to use it, the client must purchase a bonus card.

With each purchase, 5% of bonuses accumulate;
Bonuses are unlimited, that is, they do not burn with the passage of time;
Bonuses "bind" people to the store. That is, if there is a choice, the customer always comes to the store where he has a discount or bonuses;
Many people are already accustomed to and love the system of accumulation of bonuses;
Payment for the purchase of bonuses can be made in full or in part (you can also set a limit - "no more than 20%");
Increased bonuses can attract customers and even entice them from competitors (for example, a 30% stake on the bonus card);

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"Brand of the Month" or "grade of the month": tastings in a beer store.
Sometimes you can arrange beer tastings at the store.

They are especially needed when new grades appear on the cranes.

Tastings are the best way to stimulate beer sales, especially crafting.
If you sell local products, try to invite the brewers themselves to such events. People are always interested in talking to those who have cooked beer, learn all the information from the first mouth.

This is especially important if the new variety is expensive: you need to convincingly explain to people what they are paying for.
The results of the tasting are not always clear at once, so do not rush to order more kegs with a new variety. Maybe the public did not like the beer very much
Naturally, on the day of tasting sales will grow, but not the fact that they will continue to hold on to the same level.

For successful procurement planning, you need a long-term sales analysis.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of shares. A fundamentally important point!

Promotion is not an end in itself, it should have a specific commercial result. Do you have more customers? Did beer sales increase?

Previously, to answer these simple questions, we had to deal with complex calculations. Now it is enough to establish a system of accounting for TapVisor beer.
The report with visual graphs for any desired period helps to clearly understand:

with what speed and in what volumes are different types of beer sold;

how this is affected by seasonal and general economic factors;

how sales were changed during and after promo actions.
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