CrafTap Counter Pressure Growler Filler

CrafTap uses a counter pressure filling method for filling glass bottles with beer. Counter pressure filling method retains the environment from the keg to the bottle, never exposing beer to oxygen or reducing CO2 saturation.

The result is:

  • A fresher, longer lasting, better tasting beer to go
  • Fast foam-free filling (4F)
  • Less than 2% waste, allowing for more bottle fills per keg. Keg yield almost 100%.
  • Fits several bottle sizes
  • Easy operation
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Tony McGurran
I was always looking for the next innovative direction in craft beer, and when draught beer to go became so popular I had to find the perfect solution for my small but well stocked store. The Pegas CrafTap 3, allows The Vineyard to have four
The principal element of Suprematism in painting, as in architecture, is its liberation from all social or materialist tendencies. Through Suprematism, art comes into its pure and unpolluted form.
SARL SIBEERY, Annecy, France
Beer Station, Slovakia
Pegas Craftap is an attractive looking and practical device when filling in the presence of beer drinkers. We mounted the Craftap and Craftpad on a mobile fridge and use it for demonstrations in amongst others supermarkets. People love the magic of how our Bottels are filled with the beer of their choice! We always offer up to 4 freshly brewed beers from our Mobile Fresh Beer Bar. Pegas proved to be a great tool for Bottel in spreading the word of fresh craft beer, cheers to that!
BOTTEL, Netherlands
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Artom Boldyrev
Sarah Lewin
Dennis Stevens
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Burgaska Pivovarna VERITAS, Bulgaria
Yuri Sidorenko
In 2016, we started using Ctaftap 2. This expanded our capabilities and product range, allowing filling bottles much faster.
In 2017, we purchased the next model CrafTap 3 and now we use both models. We recommend PEGAS equipment as reliable and unpretentious.
We express our gratitude to the team of Pegasus for technical support, assistance in the installation and training of our employees

Through Kraftp is nice to pour, there are no problems, customers like what it looks like on the bar and Customers are happy to watch the pouring in the glass; CrafTap will always be interested in people passing by our store ... At our points we already have 7 CraftTaps, and we will definitely take the following. With respect and gratitude for the support and constant readiness to prompt and help us express our respect and wish further success in the development of new ideas Pegasus.
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